Aerial Arborist Solutions Inc.


1.  Q: What does it cost to get an estimate?
     A: We perform free estimates for customers within the 61920 zip code.  If your property is outside of the 61920 zip          code, feel free to call us to discuss our rate for travelling to your area.

2.  Q:  How much does a consultation cost, and what's the difference between an estimate and a consultation?
      A:  Costs of consultations with our ISA Certified Arborist are situationally dependent.  
Some factors that contribute to determining the cost include:
-Location of consultation
-The amount of time necessary to thoroughly complete the consultation
-The type of access necessary to assess your concerns.  Forms of access may be as simple as walking your        property with you, or could include a detailed inspection of the canopy of your trees from an aerial lift or by technical rope access.
A:  The difference between an estimate and a consultation is quite significant.  Generally speaking, if you know                exactly what you would like to have done, we perform an estimate.  If you have concerns about your trees, yet                      aren't sure what needs to be done, our time at your property usually takes on the role of a consultation.

3.  Q:  How much does it cost to have a tree removed?
      A:  Due to the dynamic nature of our work, the cost of tree removals vary greatly.  Factors that contribute to the price      of your removal include: access to your tree (using aerial lifts/bucket trucks, or by technical rope access), the size        of the tree, the structural integrity of the tree, what is in close proximity to the tree, and various other factors.
     We can't always guarantee that we'll be the lowest bid on any given job.  However, we always guarantee that we      will always give you the best price and service that we possibly can.  

4.  Q:  Are you insured?
      A:  Yes!  We hold a large liability and workman's comp policy in order to protect you, your property, our business,               and our employees.  Individual/job specific certificates of insurance are readily available upon request.

If you have any questions that were not adequately answered here, please call us @ 217-345-6621, email us at, or fill out the contact us form under the about us section of this website.

As always, we greatly appreciate your time and consideration.
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